MIT Hackathon 2020


Augmented Reality Earthquake Damage Assessment Tool / Simulator

Visual Analysis of Structural Damage to Buildings, Walls & Columns

– MagicLeap Augmented Reality

– MagicLeap LuminSDK

– iOS Mobile Application ARKit & CoreML

MagicLeap Screenshots


MagicLeap Developer


SEISMIC Activity

  • Tools that we used – which was the fastest compared to mapbox unity which wasn’t compatible well with magic leap due to rendering issues, files exported from adobe as an obj, mtl and png file just in case a texture.
  • Made the maps with 3d map generator adobe plugin and height mapper. Then transfer the obj and mtl file to unity3d and then insert a png if no texture shows up.


Earthquakes in Puerto Rico

  • Creating Augmented Reality Experience to Assess & Simulate Earthquake Damage

What it does

  • Distinguishing Earthquake Damage and Structural Integrity through Visual Inspection

How we built it

  • MagicLEAP Augmented Reality
  • Unity3D
  • 3D Map Generator – Adobe Plugin
  • Google Maps Satellite Images
  • 8th Wall
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe XD
  • iMovie
  • CoreML
  • ARKit


  • 3D Map Generation Cannot Render in Real-Time, Hardware Issues with SDK & Building Application, Operating System Drivers Incompatibility, Importing 3D Models, Scaling Environmental Variables, Integrating Audio Cues, Utilizing AR Hardware


  • Mixed Reality Spacial Computer, Scaling 3D Models in MagicLeap Augmented Reality, Linking Structural Audio Cues, Creating Interactive Spacial Experiences for Earthquake Simulation, Cross Platform AR & Mobile Integration

What we have learned

  • MagicLeap AR Development, 3D Map Generation, Stereo to Mono Audio Conversions, Domain Knowledge / Types of Structural Damage to Walls, Columns & Foundations, Earthquake Simulation, iOS application development

What’s next for DamageCheckAR

  • iOS Mobile Application for Visual Inspection with Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
  • NormCore – Multi-User Collaboration through Spacial Anchors

Tools we utilized

Resources / Research

Audio Effects – For AR Simulation


Puerto Rico – Tectonic Plates

Puerto Rico – Guanica

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