Flowstake – Sports Ledger

  • Public, Immutable, Activity Records
  • Public Activity Data Hashed into IPFS protocol

Activity Staking Blockchain Network –

Blockchain SportsBook –

Previous developments have been inspired by the CryptoRun Brussels event – for validation of Proof of Activity, release prize pools & crypto fundraising for a charity on the Ethereum blockchain with Strava GPS Oracles.

The architecture consists of 2 main parts:

  • smart contract running on the Ethereum Blockchain. A smart contract is a specific kind of application that benefits from Blockchain’s immutability, transparency and decentralization advantages. This is great for our specific use case, where we want to prove to donors that their funds will only be released if the goal is met (60KM are run). No need for lawyers to review this all, the smart contract is responsible for its own enforcement.
  • An Oracle. To get information about the challenge status (ongoing, accomplished, failed…), the smart contract indeed needs a bridge between the Blockchain and the outside world. This is precisely the role of the Oracle. Here, it relies on information gotten from Strava, a popular running application, with a small scoring proxy atop the Strava API to ensure the data is directly consumable by the smart contract.

Current Cryptorun FlowStake –

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