Building with blockchain technology is one of the most useful skillsets to know as an active developer in 2020. Blockchain technology, is a valuable data-layer for financial transactions & self-sovereign identity built with asymmetric cryptography. Granting the users of the blockchain systems to be in control of their identity layer, without the need for a third party or custodian.

The origin of blockchain technology, comes from the Bitcoin cryptocurrency, allowing for encrypted, immutable transactions to be secured into a worldwide network. Uniquely the blockchain, is a stream of blocks that is defined by a protocol that organizes information by timestamps into a chain of encrypted events or transactions.

Researching blockchain systems and architecture, provides insight into the evolution of the systems we use today. Blockchain systems are capable of revolutionizing our modern identity layer, global reserve currency and immutable digital property.

The application of blockchain transactions with smart digital contracts, created the opportunity for a new markets to emerge. Specifically the Ethereum network has been pioneering the way forward. Ethereum is a turing complete blockchain computer, with highly modular capabilities for transactions, smart contracts, registries & immutable data.

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